Usher's Ministry Mission Statement 

The mission of God's New Wineskin Church Usher Ministry is to provide a warm, welcoming and loving atmosphere where individuals can worship and enjoy the presence of the Lord. 

We welcome everyone with a smile and the Love of the Lord. We will provided assistance to all fellow congregation members and visitors with seating, handouts, writing material, Tithes/Offering Envelops and any other needs that an individual may have. 

Usher's Ministry Vision 

The Vision of God's New Wineskin Church Usher Ministry is to serve every person that enters our church with a one on one experience and exchange of love so they may experience the presence of God's Love which will encourage a deeper desire to know and Love our Lord Jesus Christ more and more


Lolit Brooks

Usher Ministry Person in Charge

[email protected]

Lolit Brooks

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